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They love to play and seek the attention of their caregiver or companion.

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Hi There, Im not looking for now necessarily (need to save my pennies up as i have chosen expensive breeds lol) but after a little while having no.Living with a cat can be very pleasurable, but living with a Siberian cat is a very rewarding, life changing experience.The Siberian Cat is an ancient Russian breed that has occurred naturally in the region of Siberia for over two thousand years.

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Siberian cats, a large, longhaired, dog-like pet also known as the Siberian Forest Cat, considered hypoallergenic to allergy sufferers.

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This is a cat designed by nature to survive, with no extremes in type.Siberian - This beautiful breed originated, as you may have guessed, in the taiga in Siberia.

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The Siberian will become your best friend, confidante, problem-solver, and house clown.

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Compared to other breeds of cats, it slowly matures, the representatives of this breed continue to develop up to five years.

Siberians are affectionate cats with a good dose of personality and playfulness.Learn the unique history, breed specifics and health concerns of Siberian Cats from the Veterinarians of VCA Animal Hospitals.

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The Siberian is the national cat of Russia and is the perfect mix.

This is why they make great pets for families with allergies.Siberian History: The Siberian is of Russian descent that resembles the Maine Coon and is fairly new in the US.Siberians are one of the most ancient breeds and began as the Russian forest cat.Siberian Cats - Description The Siberian is a medium to large cat, taking approximately 5 years to mature.

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Back then they were called Bukharskie (because probably they were brought to Russia.

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The cat was first mentioned in a book by Harrison Wier, which included information of the earliest cat shows in England in 1871.Pets to monks in Russia: post Communist era: People started to.

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Three of the seven hypoallergenic cat breeds are Oriental lines.Find out more about this breed.

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Siberians have muscular, well boned bodies with powerful necks and broad chests.Siberians were among the first breeds competing in early cat shows held in England in 1871.The Siberian has been known in Russia for some 1,000 years, and is.Like other cats which have legends associated with them the Siberian cat is present in many children stories and has been found in many paintings.

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